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While previous research focused primarily on the intended consequences of policies put in place to safeguard privacy, Lowry’s study is the first to also look at unintended consequences, which can be catastrophic.

Derrick Maggard’s background founding multiple startups and a stint with a venture capital firm has propelled Virginia Tech's entrepreneurial ecosystem forward.

Derick Maggard says his experience founding multiple startups and a stint with a Venture Capital firm provides him with the experience to lead the center for entrepreneurs at Virginia Tech

Chris Zobel used analytics to develop a new approach to help the Red Cross more effectively pre-position resources needed to help open emergency shelters.

Tabitha James' research shows fitness trackers can contribute to well-being and that how they are used depends on the person’s motivation toward exercise.

Juan Luis Nicolau, hospitality and tourism management professor, calls working in the U.S. a dream come true.

A two-part study co-authored by William Becker, found that anger does not carry over from one negotiation to the next, but pride does.

Lara Khansa investigates whether and how individual perceptions and behaviors changed after formal controls to curb cyberloafing were announced.